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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  January 30, 2024 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>> no. wow. that's a lot of sugar and a lot of sweet. sweet. >> jud jeaninejessica,, boy. mou >> oh, really?th desiccants. good to oreos in my mouth. now look at you. ah. oh, i'm a carnival cruise of ship rescue. >> two stranded kayakers in the gulf of mexico on monday and moremexico e ka on a boat that was sinking and jumped on their kayak to stay afloat. crew on the ship jubilee spotted them offfand toon w the. of isla mu harris and took them on board where they received medical evaluations and foodhe s transferred into the custody of the mexican navy. >> and they continued on its planned journey. i'm guessing, dayna, check out this clumsy bison did a little tumble like this. >> i mean, this is embarrassing. it's like what happened to me and i. oh, yeah. oh , darn. it is like,. going to catch that on camera. yes, sir. we you hav did it. get >> nicely done, jesse, you have 7 seconds. those bisons can't handle their liquor. jesse. water is prime time. law and order turns into the soap. welcome to jesse watters. primetime tonight. the donaldome to "s trump and mn
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is alligator votes bombing northern mexicino, shooting migrants in the legs and an in theing the fence left, losing it over the border crisis. >> but don't worry, vigilantes are on the move. >> i just want to apologize to any one who is listening. congress needs to get it done. >> another or what? joy reid's hot mic tellss us us about the media. america' >> america's number one crime drama is now soft on crime. w >> we're acutely aware of the systemice inequities that exisi within the criminal justice system. >> pluminaljustice system.s, al, good or bad, have had nicknames. >> john adamr bad,s was called d
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sink or swim. >> no relation. andrew jackson was calledrew jap knife for his fighting style. zachary taylor old roughleosevel and ready for being rough on the battlefield. teddy roosevelt. tellt, a scoop, teddy for always having a little telescope mounted on his rifle. they of course, there was bill clinton. they called him slick willie for being a littlek willie for . and there was barack hussein the obama, whose nickname wasn ch the deporter in chief. the former president deporteds over 3 million illegals and was showered with heckles. >> we're going to makesecu our country more secure, will strengthen our families. and most importantlyrethen our , we will live. >> most importantly, we will live up most most importantl uy, we will live up r to our character as a nation separate charad. i need your help there.t's that's that's that's exactly what we're talkingexaclkin aboui
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single day. >> what i'd like to do. no w, don't worry about it, guy. okay? okay, let me finish. let me let me say this. >> as you can see, a president has always been responsible foro his administration's bordelire i policies, not congress, not the vice president. the president. once upon a time, joe biden agreed. id youdid you make a mistake with those deportations? >> the president did>> the p tht thing that was able to be done. and how about you? i'm the vice president. united stateut you vics >> the vice pr. but the vice president became the president, broke the border and now claims he's powerless.. >> and you got everything e you could dove with executive authority. was there more you think you have don ll i ce all i can do. they give me the power. i've asked from the very day i got it offinto m. give me the border patrol. give me the people. give you the people, the judges. give me the people who can stop this and make it work. >> biden spent three yearsly
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claiming the border was secure and suddenly in an election year, he needs emergency in an s to shut it down. >> why shut down a secure border? you wouldn't close a locked door, would you? >> the president has always had the powethe pres ther he needs e the border. if he needs a refresher on the law, just ask barrack th. >> the president has a lot of power. he has that discretion to do certait discretion to don thing. look at what secretary jeh johnson obama did. there were able to detain and deport people under title 8. if the republicans say no to working this border deal,th at least put it to a vote. i would ask the president to use thoroughlident toy, use e existing authorities and detain people and deport people.u.s. c >> title 8, section 12 of the u.s. could sets it in stone whenever the president finds that the entry of any aliens into the united states would be detrimental to the interests
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of the united states, he may by proclamation and fotates he h periods as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of allnecessy of aliens or anyei restrictions he may deem to be appropriate. ngress >> congress passed p that lawa s in 1952, and the media is so ignorant they think congress needs to pass another law foru ' joe biden to act. you don't need to be 80 to remember this lat to be 8w. you just need to be 20 because obama used it. if trump gets reelectemp getd, n he's going to use the same law on day one, and that wouldn't make him a dictator, but democrats say would make him dr. evil. >> donald trump actually has said that he wants to build alligator moats along the border. that's one of his incredible ideas. another idea that donald trump has promotedanother idea n fence and maybe even put some spikes on the border. >> that's another donald trump and maga majority border idea. another idea which i'm not sure
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how well it would go, is he wants to actually bomb northern mexico with missilesnorthern. de now, if biden actually wants to shut down the border, why is he trying to snip texas whywi razor wire? >> there's no wire in california and migrants are slithering into san diego county like there's a black friday sale. >> watch human smugglers here drop off maxed out migrants. look at these characters. noe t a woman or child among them. migrants from india, china, turkey trottinmigrg right aroun. the wall that biden stopped building. >> they get handed. welcome to usaey getded welc fll breaking into our country. that spells out the vip perps they get under biden. ready? if you're a illegal gay, you wa be given the option of going to a shelter where you will receive legal, medicalonward and onward travel assistance. >> onward and upward audio's amigstance upwo. >> now, if you're a latin bustr into our country, biden giveser,
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you free housing, free lawyers, free doctors and free tickets to traveel anywhere and low cystitis. >> you need us. and that's not all the perks's notr illegals. free food and drink, free wi-fi and a free assistant like johnny, who will help you find your long lost uncle or cousinnu . you just show up to the border. yo, soy. >> and venezuela scares me. right this way. aymake yourself comfortable in our lounge or your connecting flights on u s. may we start you with a beverage? and if one feels is trapped in juanita's body. gavin newsom will give him a changewanital on your dime. fact check me. i dare you. this is all true. freethis changes for illegalsra in california. we'll also pay for your college to. o. >> where we'll teach you.han america isn't any better than mongolia. mongolia.r the third world showing up at the back door. >> they're coming in by the truckload.
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>> yeah, yeah. come in. well, it's just this isn't your preferred. >> okay, now, biden and the cartels have the migrant supply chain humming, and many are here to work. also, get free changes. but others are some bad embryos. lastothers last w week, border patrol foun over #300 of fentanyl,of #200 of meth, almost #200 of cocaine, and over 50 firearms. hopefully all that's not headed to hunter's malibu rental. uld e but a century ago, biden would be tried for treason. today, the administration gave itself an award. >> what you do is you save
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people's lives. that's what you do in whatever face what yot of the enterprisen you participate in. you work to identify, to rescue ,and to enable survivors of human trafficking. i just want to, with all of mysw conviction, thanank you for what you do.cape his >> my caucus gave his staff an s award fotaffr combatting human trafficking after they trafficked 6 million humans into the countrr theyy and lost almost 100,000 kids. >> joe biden has subvertedterrit the territorial integrity of the united states. >> he's rollinortegrity g the de national security and waving the white flag on the war on drugswhite fl, not to mentiot bankrupting the cities and flouting lawhes. >> and then he lies to our face about it. so americans are taking mattersr into our own hands. >> former military officers have taken up armsy of and have
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begun patrolling our side of the border. >> they call themselves arizona border recon, strapped with heavy artillery. they intimidate smuggler.strapps and keep them south of the border. >> and the leader of that group, tim foley , joins us now.s no tim, describe your dailyw. operations on the border. >> well, what we do and thanks for having me, jesse, where we operate in is an area that is known for got awayt s, and thats a term that the government uses for they've picked them upthem u either on camera or ground sensors, but there's not enough agents left becausnde they're dealing with all the other ones coming in. >> so we go into the areas. where the holloways are cutaways, don't want to be caught always dught by by border patre they've been deported multiple times for either crimes in this
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country or crimes in their countries. >> so so those are the bad hombres. and that's yes, that's the realn deal. >> so you go there, you look like you're brandishing weapons. what kind of weapons are thoseg. ? >> well, we're carrying out what i guess the left would call them assault weapons, but we classifley item as self-defense weapons. >> okay. and what happens when you guys confront is these gateways. >> do they listen to you? do they run away? awwhat? most >> most of the time when weof drop in on them, they it'sin die called grenade ing. they'll head off in different directions and they drop their packs and they will either head back for the borderill eith or we start g them back basically by moving further and further south to get them to go back through the holes in the fence. >> all right. so the fen you're like the offes line, the full back kind of just moving the defensive linet mofensive off the line o.
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>> when you when you find their packs that they've left, what do you ever find in thes ty packs? it all depends because like when i first started , 14 years ago, the cost was only $2,000 a head for mexicans to come across. now that cost is up to 8000 plus. i had to come across. afd the further away you are. i mean, if you're coming from africa or china or it's you're over 20,000 to come across. so o there's a lot of money being made. and so we'll check the packs , up so too, because the price has gone up so much. everybody, now that comeh.s across in our area that's dressed in camouflage is suspect of being a dope meall ,because if you can't pay the price, then they hand you a, you know, a kilo of methl or a kilo of fentanyl to carry across to pay for your way. >> wow.
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>> well, thank you for doing what joe biden won't do, which is actuall, which y repel illegl aliens. many of them appear to be criminal. from what you're telling me, b back below our southern border. >> yeah. really? thanel southerk you so >> and good luck out there. please stay safe, okay? yeah. been in. here's the number on. got away since biden's been in. yeah. 1.1. 8 million. >> got a ways to go. they >> and those guys aren't really looking for work. they're looking for illegal work. work. that's what that's about. yep. all right. again, thank you so much. pleaset, thao mu stay safe. >> and good luck to the fox news alert. two police officers in new york city were attackedx news a by ap of illegal aliens near times square. the confrontation started after the cops told the illegals to move along. things got a little heated th got a upece ended wrestling on the floor with one of the migrants while the other migrants threw kicks at the
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officer'hile thetss heads and b. cops arrested four migrants, but sources tell the post already out without bail. obviouslady not deported. >> and we'll keep you updated. msnbc on a hot mic. >> what it means, what is going on on american campuses to fight back? >> what do our enemies want to enforce? they want to influence the thought processes of our kids. if you say someone's pronoun the wrong way, you can get kicked out of college. the jewish kids are hiding in their dorm, afraid to go to class. >> from the river to the sea, palestine must be free. that was allowed to be sat on campus. how did we get to this point? and can we stand up to it? poison ivy with pete hegseth streaming now on fox nation, sign up at fox nation icon. right now. someone could be listed as the owner of your home and stealing thousands of dollars of your
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absolute absolutely free. >> that's our air n. two, 321321. every time you turnever on the news, you're toldy ti dot believe your eyes, the borders, secure the economy strong and joe biden is on fireth. >> i think he's doing reallye well. i mean, he's engagedis. he's on fire. let me tel l you something. that guy is in it to win it. he's fired up and if anybody
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even suggests that he not run, it just there's no other word for it. >> it him off. do they really believe what they're sayiny beg? y >> well, there's new evidence that they don't. last night we got to look last wgot . ght anna >> joy reid was caught on a hot mic trashing biden, sp that he's going to start another f ing war. >> over the weekend, president biden said he'eekend p s ready to take action if congress is serious about solving the border issue. shutdo if that bill were the law today, i'd shut down the border right now and fix it quicklywn . >> and congress needs to get it done. another or i just want o very quickly. i was chatting during a clip that was playing. 3. and, you know, we try to keep the show very pg 13. so i just want to apologize to any one who was listeninghe-sce to my behind the scenes chatter. >> so biden's going to start anothene r f ing war.e is that's what joy reid says when she thinks no one's listening. we g get a joy. m there are already wars in the mideast and europe and maybe a third. why not just say that onay why no
10:21 pm
the air? >> you're an opinion host. you get paid to share your opinion. wellyo, it's because msnbc doesn't respect their audience. >> they're not putting on a show to inform their viewers not put. it's a brainwashing of trump's hitler, biden's young crimes down a network that respects its audience. let the audience watch live newss. but msnbc doesn't let you watch trump live. maddow says it's too dangerous . >> the network can't handle it, and neither can the audience. but that's causingt andne some division in the ranks at msnbc. at msnbci just got a new show and she wants more trump. >> i said that believe believer in this and believea lot of pee have kind of weighed in on this question recently on whether or not we should be talkingr or not about trump more or less. >> right. because there was a debate. do we show his speeches? do we talk about all the crazyi' things he's doing? and i'm of the view we have to talkm of tw is we about the crazy thingsired o he's doing, even if we're tired of it. >> and it's a liberal catfight. maddow wants to knowf
10:22 pm
trump talk. he can't get enough, even though the goals are the same. go aftergh him with a meatth cleaver. >> i would tell the president in his campaign, we gotaver you back, dude. we're going after him for a meat cleaver. you cannot let him up. you can't normalize him. you can't let him off the canvas. not. canvas.nonot for one second. we got to keep the foot on this guy right on his neck. guyt take our heel and twist it and never let it twist it. >> now the media wants to hit trump with a meat cleaver while biden naps in delaware and dreams about a taylor swifd. endorsement. but in between the blood lust, they'll just go on shopping >> b with trump accusers. >> you've talked about using ofme of trump's mone usingy that you're about to get to help shore up women's rights. >> do you know what that might be? >> what that might look like, rachel? yes. tell me. >> yesi had such, such great ids for all the good i'm goingachel, to do with this money. first thing, rachel, you and arg for it to get
10:23 pm
completely new wardrobes, new shoes, motorcycloes.e for crawley, new fishing rod for robin. rachel, what do you want? a penthouse. ? it'schelit's, you know, job. >> now, what does it say in the msnbc ethicst handbookt gett about getting real estate kickbacks from trump's civil settlementin estat s? >> i'm sure we told you last night this isn'ts about persuasion anymore. it's propaganda. the ,igital age's m.k. ultra the mideast isn't on fire. >> biden this must stop dictator fro m world war three. id whi while read whispers biden's the real dangespsr kind of feela like their deprogramming has gotten off to a rockmmin hasy s. >> kayleigh mcenany, the former white house press secretary and co-host of outnumbered. uldo kayleigh, if you were caught on a hot mic, you'd sound just as precious and adorable as you alwaysund adorab as yo are. >> you know, you wouldn't sound any different. what makes this annoying and deceitful is that she's a
10:24 pm
totally different person off camera. >> what does that tellfferent p? >> completely different. fraudulent. i mean, this is the network that pumps biden over and over and over. it's the preferred network of the administration. >> i would argue they send their surrogates out there all the time. hed here's what she's sayinge e. behind the scenes. >> this guy's going to start another wa startwar?r and this o she's peddling. >> it is so beneath any linehere of journalistic integrity. joy reid, we know she's never been anywhere close to that. and then you get to scarborougoh . you know, joe biden's engaged full of energy. who has ever engaged energy said that? no one, except the drunk guy at the bar. but the same joe scarborough sayscarborou donald trump wantse to execute his generals. donald trump wants to ushis geel team six to execute his opponents. no, that was something a judge put forward as a hypotheticao e nothing, trump said. >> but they don't play trump. so you'd never know if he said it or not. what about the mead itt cleaver >> what's trump's defense against the meat cleaverns?
10:25 pm
>> i mean, and that is, look, that's coming from someone who is an esteemedmingmeone dem. strategist, james carville. and if he says we're coming after you with a meat cleave ar he means it. we've already seen this with the legal battles. they're going to not play him. and that's legal ot going the tactic we've got to watch out for. jesse. jesse, 2016, they played donald trump and fo inr now, they won'twi let him speak, but they'll characterize him nonetheless. >> all right. no, never beennye hi on a hot mic. >> never will. thank you so much. nopewill.o much.. rescue noah's ark on wheels just rescued with majority of my patients with sensitivity. >> i see irritated gums and weak enamel. sensodyne sensitivenamel.e becon enamel. if relief sensitivity helps restore gum health and re hardens enamel. i'm a big advocate of recommending things that i know work. are you experiencing confusion, trouble, concentrating, or making decisions? then you may be experiencing brain fog, but real clarity
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>> lifelong love who think they've got what it takes to make it in the country. all right, i'll just rip the other one here and take that. i feel like the universe connects you with certain people for a certain reason. we got a fire going and i wasn't the only spark farmer wants a wife premieres this frank.x. >> can the river support your brain health? mary janet. mary janet. heed... now, fraser. frank. frank. brad, how arl
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for more on this developing story out of washington. now back to regular programming already in progres $100 >> although 100 grand to him, fox confronted him las
10:32 pm
t year. >> watch. what's your role in the campaign? right now, everyone, get ready. not doinso you're not doing any more work with the campaign. her campaign wanted to work with him. obviously, i want to see the boy right? yeah. you're still part of it. am i? so the boy with it? yeah. yes. so i'll be able to work with.cai >> i don't have a role in the campaign, except i work fot i wh the campaign. >> remember, he was hired for his brawn. now bush hired a differentir fo bodyguard who prime time doesn't believe she's sleeping with. >> he moonlights as he slerrd spiritual guru. >> he's an anti-semitic wizard who goes by the name. aha! >> a claims to be a trillion years old. and he has a ver y special skillo set. >> i'm gonna take you in the book of proverbstake you anw you how to make lightning touch what you want it to touch and burn some down. >> i got a chant in the torah d that makes fire out of nothing. i got a saw in earth that make
10:33 pm
tornadoes light out. that's how i learned how to make tornadoes. that'ses my science. >> i know how to manipulate. welcome home. wed a $165,000.ate >> and bush has only been in office for three years. and she spent almost a million bucks on bodyguards. >> remember, this isn't whitney houston. thiss is cori bush, who feelse she deserves the protection. >> you don'trves. >> bush proposed defunding the police. pocee die.rather m is that what you want to see? you want to see me die,th you know, because that could be the alternativeat cou. i have private security because my body is worth being on this planet right now . becaus i have private security because they the white supremacist racetheys is narrative that they drive into this country. >> if i end up spending 200,000, if i spend ten, ten,s ten more dollars on it. you knowonyou what? i get to be here to do the work. so it up. and defunding the police hasin d to happen. >> we need to defund
10:34 pm
the police. so bush has been a thorn in biden's sidlicespin ne, vicio attacking him for defending israel and then bam, federal investigation. we see a pattern. biden's prosecutors have gone afte a pr trump, elon musk, gold, goldberg, bob menendez, eric adams, and now the squad. every time someone fs with a biden, biden's fbi shows up and then he says trump will use his justice department to target his politicajusticlgut enemies. >> nick fried is the host of making the argument with nick freitas. nick, do you want to be corey's bodyguard? apparently it pays well. >> no, no, i don't. but the the part i'm really mad about right now, jesse, is i've been an elected official for nine years. and if you would have told me this whole tim of e, i could have been paying my wife to guard my body. i've been all about that. like, i had no ideabout tha. >> i had no idea that was an option. she doesn't even need a security license. he doesne can just guard you whr you're at work. >> that's. that's work. what we've been mal
10:35 pm
for almost 25 years, so it's not like she doesn't have experience. >> right? babe, guard my lipperiences. come here. that's. >> and then she takes it, gives her money, and then he takes her out to dinner. >> well, it's.s this is. this is what happens when when i you're dealing with these collectivists, right? where they believe that tax dollars are really just their little private piggy banak that they get to use and they don't have any concern for it because it's not their money. and, you know, that's the unfortunate thing. >> but we see examples of this all over the place. i mean, i can't believe where shei xample. i'm she's paying a wizard, i guess. >> i don't even know how that works. i got to put a wizard on. >> wy need i don't reallhat wor. a little magic. >> my goodness. well, you know, it's a right-wing conspirac'sy when biden's justice department investigates you for corruption right noment invcorruptiw. >> oh, yeah, absolutely. i'm surprised she didn't lead g us all racistoned or bigots because we are questioning and how she's misappropriating taxpayer money. guw shwell, i just hope her body is well protected by all of her
10:36 pm
security guards, the one she's sleepinge she is with and the wizards. >> we love you, corey. good luck. thanksod luck., nick. well, over the weekenddi in indiana, a semi truck carrying circuanaarryins animalt into flames along the interstate. >> officers scrambled to the scene and begatate.n rescuing zebras, camels and even mini horses. >> national correspondent and zookeeper bill illusion with more. jesse the body cam footage froms this is pretty crazy. these cops in indiana rescued pretty much an entire squadl frm of these exotic circus animals, all from a truck that was engulfed in flames a t here. >> some of that footage. on television got more on see the web. >> you see a zebra lea ap out2:a right there. this all happened around 2 a.m. saturday morning along the sid.e of the interstate 69 in indiana. patrgrant county sheriff's
10:37 pm
office says one of its troopers was troopers, was just patrolling the area when they saw this truca wheny the truck on fire. the trooper, along with a deputy and a circus worker, deg five zebras, four camels and a mini horse. >> here's some mor e. >> y'all need to come on now, guys. come on, let's go up and make it back. is that it?nimals >> yes. w and after the animals were saved, a group of camels could be seen walking across the highway. not something you see very often there. the granvery t county sheriff's office says the fire was ultimately put out. and this initial investigation shows equipment failure was likely the cause of it, and the animals were later blocked fro m going onto that highway with some barricades. but you can see the zebras just kind of grazing ofcan see e zebr of the road there. and back out here, two of the cops were treated and released at a local hospital and rele for some smoke inhalation. the driver and all of the animals, jesse. happy to report or completely
10:38 pm
unharmed. >> we'll send it back to you right now. gutfeld can get as many horse. >> now, bill.he hel >>l what the happened to law and order? >> there's an invisible gap in your home's defenses, a gap that can be emotionally and financially devastating. and it's not what you think. the gap is the unprotected title to your home. criminals can easily access your home's ownership records illegally, transfer your home title into their name, then take out fraudulent loans against your equity, and even try to sell your home right out from under you. all without you even knowing. it's roughly 60 to 90 days for that person, even figure out that they're the victim of this crime. and the fbi calls it house stealing. and in the digital age in which we live. home title fraud is a devastate threat to your financial security and the home you love. stealing your house, in many
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of new gen x thermo x, our newest, most powerful fat incinerator ever. absolutely free. >> society has been obsessed with crime capers for centuriett . >> in the late 1800s, british papers began printing sherlock holmes wildls wey popular. out o we love hearing about cops cracking cases and catching bad guysps . hardy >> colombo. the hardy boys. nancy drew. american audiences eat is,t up. but no show is bigger in the in modern era than law and order. thdo you like your guys in chains? >> yeah. do you like your women? at knife point, thos? e big boys in prison are going to love your properly. >> tell me you didn't them. but does it matter? t' >> oh, please, derek. one it's number one spin off special victims unit spi . f tv's h >> svu has been one ofated broadcast tv's highest rated dramas since the clinton era. ts detectives on suv have spent a quarter century chasing down
10:44 pm
. >> but last week's episode prioritized social justice over actual justice. >> in the episode, a womanan is violently in a store dressing room, then takes the side of her because he's black. she doesn't want her white privilege to get her attacker lockedetacke up, and then her o partner tries to school the cops on racial justice . >> the welfare of her fiance's keeps her up at nighé'st. >> how are you holding up? not great. i was up all night with natalie issues. inconsolable. that's understandable. when a perso >> thandablen goes through a trauma like that, it can end up in a very vulnerable state. yeah. what was it about that faith?at >> and what? >> we were acutely aware of thee systemic inequities that exist within the criminal justice systemxihe crimi. e you mean for people like jack? yeah. ouert he notis tha
10:45 pm
receive a fair trial. >> the white victim is worried that her young black won't receive a fair trial because the criminal justice system is racist. >> this is the first time primea time has ever heard a victim concern her won't get a fairi trial. >> but i confess i have not seen many law and order confess episodes. >> and then a plot twist. the victim argues the whole case should be tosseled because who needs justice when you can just see a shrink? >> natalie, jane watson you chc and this is your chance to do something about it. >>to d i going to believe me. because i can. aneve mei can afford therapy. i have that luxury. and maybd e one day i'll be okay . but if that teenager goes to prison, he may not be ever. >> i'm sorry. is this law and order
10:46 pm
george soros. >> sedition. millions. watch the show. mi watch tynderstlros addi understanding of the legal system comes from watching law and order episodesanthe le and c conditioning this audience now to be a good little rape victim. >> dro be a good littlp the cha a shrink, but only if the is black. if he's whits black.e. seek the max. it's social justice engineerin c on the country's top crime drama. >> just four years ago, after the meto a. o movement, the big guy even did a cameo on svu. >> the greatest abuse of power was takes a woman. a long time to heal. when the victim isn't believed ,when she goes through the invasive process of having a kit put together and thenit u is stuck on a shelf somewhere, and then the kit is never, ever tested. we fail. we fail her. we fail. so many women. tod i'm proud to say today we did not fail.
10:47 pm
>> we went from is the most heinous crime imaginable. and we can't fail women to drop the charges if he's black. >> clinical psychologist dr. chloe joins me now. >> dr. chloe, where does a message like this originate from? >> jesse that's a good question. i feel lik jesd e i'm having whiplash, as you said. i mean, are we in metoo and believe all women and time's t up, or is it now ck that we have to check mor victim hierarchy car od firt before we move forward? where does that message originat? thae from? say it i mean, that's a good question. i hate to say it about my own professionbout my , but even a l of the best psychology schools are really feeding in this very harmful narrative to the to the therapists of the future, i'm sorry to say. >> sre i am sorro the woman whot just wants to sees a psychiatrist, and eventually she'llto see aist an get better. but the real victim, she's saying, is the was
10:48 pm
right, which is i have no idea why they would think that, because the point of the justice system is three fold. th justiceit's retribution, i incapacitation, so the person doesn't go out and do it againdi . and deterrence so that other potential criminals see what happensain and that t to c. so by supposedly being too nice to press charges, it's notan actually good for even that young man potentially to be deprived of accountability. it's not good for the other future victims that he might have. and it'sr tha mig not good fore the society to see that that can be permitted. >> well said. this sends the wrong messageitt. . >> as you know, tv can be verytl influential like this show. absolutelylike. we see things. yes. yes. watters in your world. that's right. you ly righty right.d on som le see things on tv and on some level, it's what psychologists call modeling. and i am concerned that what that episode did on some level is give young women the idea that if you're really nice,
10:49 pm
then you'll think twice before . u say anything if there's a victim hierarchy variable at play, yeah, that was a set of very, very, very sad episode and we don't watch the show, but a lot of people do and they're impressed by that. and that's not good. yeah. dr. chloe got to run. >> watters good. good to see you. got to pay some bills. than bk you. not a conspiracy theory. they're putting microchips in our brains now. >> meet the traveling trio, the thrill seeker, the soul searcher. >> and it's the explorer. >> and it's the explorer. vibe. their money with teeth. woe. a loss card isn't keeping this a loss card isn't keeping this thrill seeker downlp protect >> lost her card, not the vibe. the soul searcher is finding the soul searcher is finding his identity and hopingck. to protect it. to protect it. >> oh, yeah. the explorer. she's looking to dive deeper she's looking to dive deeper all while chas help pr her. >> because these friends have chase alerts that help track tools that help protect
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glp one through ro is a game changer. i have such a sense of mental freedom since i started with ro. food no longer controls my thoughts. family time used to revolve around food and now it revolves around what we're going to go do together. >> meet the weekly shop that helps you lose weight. connect with a provider of glencoe. >> hey, how you doing? buckle up. sorry about this long. it's not a chinese spy balloon . sit back. instagram should be called. this is what i look like if i was hot. yeah. >> enjoy the ride. streaming now on fox nation. >> well, the future is now. and am freaking out.. >> neuralink elon musk's brain tech company has implanted a hum a microchip into a human brain. the goal is to help blinan d and disabled people walk and see again, which we support. this is givinghich w me 4g vibes since the mad scientists siddavos already fantasize about mind control rather than
10:55 pm
a mouse or a keyboard. >> you can simpl mouse oy swipe with your mind. we can pick up emotional states like are you happy or sasd or angry?up and we can pick up d and decode facs that you're seeing in your mind. simple shapes, numbers your, o r your pin number to your bank account. >> count me out of getting manipulated by a computer chip in my brain. >> i've already had enough of my parents telling me whate life. t wholnts >> i don't neehed doctor evil with a joystick turning me into a puppet. how aboujoystit instead of connu to a one world supercomputer, we just go back to connecting with eacter h other in the flesh and in nature, not stuck with wires and chipsstuck wi, s. alone at home while they extract my soul. >> when you let them put a microchien you lp in your bras you're saying. >> i submit foubmit.r the firstl in history it's possible to completely eliminate privacy monitoring everyel body all the time and knowing everything you do and not just everything you do, but even everything
10:56 pm
you think. >> the bank of england already prepared the microchip k of implant rfid chip to be implanted under your skin through wearable yous and other advances in this technology that people will be increasingly connected to thiscn extreme connectivity that does sort of merge humans and machines. >> now, i don't want to be a cyborg. i want to be jesse watters. i don't want to march into w an apple store so they can make me a . >> it's a slow death march. we've watched it . but >> first it was computers.we they were exciting, but we weren't really reliant on them. we couldren't them. get up and >> then it was smartphones, which were better. but you coul butd turn them off.then c then came smartwatches, smart goggleamt watcs. you can always take those off, i guess. the cht. ever permanen >> they turn you into a 24 seven consumer where they buy so and sell your thoughts and feelings and force you to shop until you drop. >> i guaranteel yo wall street s going to start trading emotions next decade. now.ading em dr. chris madman js
10:57 pm
us now. >> so, chris, obviously it's not going to start with blind t going to disabled people. it's going to be people who want chips in their brains. ch bn be better. what happens next? jesse, thanks for having me on. you know, what happens next is they alread y have all of thentence data to reproduce these sensors. you know, it's no,s. it's noe en stranger to the fact that, you know, the elite like elon musk and so forth, people who have acces mks hundreds of millions of hours of video from teslas, of driving, of people, you know, having their faces scanned, you know, having, you know, cameras insideeirfaceameras i the car.t it's no stranger to the factli that it can listen to you and all of these things that tha thatt data that they have, they've just reduced the opportunity cost to collect itst to by an immeasurable amou. jesse now, with this brain w implanwith tt, they can apply te models they already have to basically restoring these senses. but the realal two bas big quesn that i have, jesse, is what happens when they start to take
10:58 pm
the data from you and they start to export it and they t start to what? excuse me when they start to export it. >> so right now in a brain, what did they do to the monkeys. >> didn't it not go so well fort them i. yeah. so what you're bringing up is that basically if you look at what happened with neuralin k ,all of the trials that they did on mouse ears and monkeys and so forth, it didn't en d sod up so good for them. they had a number of monkeys who had blood in their stool. they had a number of monkeys who basicall y went into cardiac arrest and died. the folks that are working on this don' worki t seem to havedestroyi a problem destroying monkeys or destroying animals or destroying anythin g like that. and personally, jesse, i don't think they have a problem destroying humans, destroyingcoe a few humans along the way to kind of get to the ultimate outcome, which is again and the worry that i have exfiltrating this data, the real the real proble data.m, jesse, is when tg they start to read our thoughts
10:59 pm
and exfiltrate that information, you knowht, and think of all sorts of uses for it. yeah, well, i think probably foe musk wants to know what women are thinking. >> that's really the real reason behin t thal reasod that. >> because once you know that,. you pretty much know everything. but we'll have to have him on the shoo w to see what that'. really about. thank you so much. nod. toget terrifie >> get it together. where books are sold, you coulhg go on amazon right now and youet type in get it together by jesse. >> what are some of the chapthe chapters that we ham this? we talk to a blm supporter, african nationalis onalist.t, a veganist. instagram extremist, people that want to opens. the borders open the prisons. toad lickers. yes, we talked to a toad licker for 3 hours and i'm feeling very good about myself. and you will too, when you ordeour, get it together, do some text. or,
11:00 pm
marshall from sag harbor, new york. is your mom going to read your new booyork. k? throug think she'll get through this one? sam from west virginia this. ify hi >> is f trump uses windmills to electrify his wall, will that make it okay? t i don't know. what about electric gators? those counut electt. sharon from livonia, michigan. if kellyanne conway said she wan. raonway s going after biden with a meat cleaver, she'd have our house rated that same night. fi aren't you right, michael from florida. jesse, this is the chidajesse, y brain texting you. oh, you've got the chip. very good. >> connie from louisiana. so the zebra survived. that is a prime time first. >> yeah. we rescued zebras here at primeu time. t >> we would never do anythingham to harm a zebra, eve a


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